CowryWise Review: is SCAM or LEGIT? Smart and Safe High Yield Savings and Investments Online

Hello There, It's Sammy Here and Today I want Us to Run Through  a brief review for CowryWise ( and CowryWise app). is a platform (now includes the Cowrywise app) that allows you to save automatically, right from your bank account. With Cowrywise, you do not have to worry about manual savings anymore, just set your goals, set amounts and periods and every other thing is automated.

Cowrywise is open to my Nigerian audience and it's indeed one of the smartest ways to save and invest and earn high returns annually.

I use Cowrywise App currently to automate my savings and investments, So Weekly and Monthly I automatically get debited my target amount directly from my bank account which is either added to my savings or investments on Cowrywise.

Imagine the rather uncomfortable new CBN (Central Bank Of Nigeria) policy recently and how banks rip us off our own hard earned money with low interest rates and high charges for services Annually.

The average savings account here in Nigeria releases about 3% Annually, Lesser in most cases.
Now imagine banks charging for SMS alerts, VAT and ATM card maintenance, Account statements e.t.c... At the end of the day, you have made nothing really tangible from your savings the whole year, Most times you end up with losses except you have so much Saved.
But with Cowrywise, you can earn Up to 15% Annually on Savings 💰
Yes you heard me correctly, A whopping from 10% Up to 15% on savings annually plus these interests are added regularly to your account balance.

So let's Quickly review Cowrywise, Look at it's Pros and Cons, If it's a Scam or Legit, if it's legal or not legal, safe or not.


CowryWise is a wealth management platform for young Africans. We enable them have access to high end financial services which are only available to high net worth individuals. With our platform, they can plan and automate their savings and investments towards meeting their financial goals.

Cowrywise is a free digital personal finance app for savings and investment. Cowrywise helps you save and invest money easily. It allows you to automate your regular savings and investments while earning competitive returns better than your bank's savings account. Welcome to the smart way to save and invest.

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