Review: How To Easily Earn $10+ Daily With The Bestchange Affiliate program

Hello, Ever Heard about the Bestchange Affiliate program where you can earn without stress and investment?

Today, I'll be revealing a simple way to earn money online by sharing your affiliate or referral link and earning a huge 0.04$ (20 Naira) for just link clicks which might go up to 0.5$ (NGN 250) some times.

Join Bestchange - Earn money online without investment: Register Here

Introduction and About Program 

BestChange is a specialized online e-currency exchange service that monitors rates for dozens of popular conversion pairs in near real-time and offers one-click access to lists of reliable e-currency exchangers capable of helping you complete your transaction quickly and efficiently.

BestChange is an E-Currency exchange monitor website that shows the current exchange rates from reliable currency exchangers.

Bestchange offers an affiliate program that pays affiliates not only when users take action but also when users visit your link.
How interesting!
Now; you're not to deceive people to visiting your link or use false promotions to get clicks.

At least make sure people are aware what they're clicking at.

Earning Formula 

According to Information on the bestchange website and from my experience earning from this website.

You can get up to $0.50 for each unique click you get.
This could become your adsense for my blogger friends, Aside that for people who are popular on social media, students, Working class, unemployed e.t.c. looking for another  source of income, This is exactly what you've been looking for.

With no investments Earn from 20 Naira upto 250 Naira per link click (0.04$ to 0.5$ per click).

Payments for one visitor consist of several separate amounts:
Basic rate = $0.04 per visit, so 25 clicks = $1, 100 Clicks = $4 and 1000 clicks = $40.

In order to earn $10 (5,000 Naira) daily without stress, you need to get just 250 clicks daily.
Easy right?

More Good News, As they click the link more cash can come along, If the user engaged by you:
  1. Uses the exchanger monitoring service, you additionally get $0.01 x 9; 
  2. returns to the site in 3 days, you additionally get $0.02; 
  3. returns to the site in 7 days, you additionally get $0.03; 
  4. returns to the site in 14 days, you additionally get $0.04; 
  5. returns to the site in 30 days, you additionally get $0.06; 
  6. returns to the site in 60 days, you additionally get $0.09; 
  7. returns to the site in 90 days, you additionally get $0.13; 
  8. Registered as a partner, you earn 30% of their income in our system; 
  9. Registered as a partner and engaged another partner, you earn 10% of the latter's income in our system. 

The specified sums of the affiliate rewards may be changed over time.
In this case, all earned money are kept on the account taking into account the rates that were valid at the time when you got them.

Withdrawal Information 

The USD (Dollar) currency is used to add money to your account and make payments due to the affiliate program.

To withdraw your affiliate money, you can choose between the Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payeer, QIWI e.t.c. currencies and for Nigerians there are several ways to withdraw your cash.

I did my first withdrawal with adv cash and the second in bitcoin. E.T.C...

Two payments received in 1 day.
Adv cash payment

Bitcoin payment

The minimum sum of earned money that can be withdrawn from your affiliate account is $1.


Want to join Bestchange, click the link below to register,

Join Bestchange - Earn money online without investment: Register Here

Once the site opens take your time to tour (go round) the website to know more and from the top menu click "Affiliate program" to register a free account and earn without a single deposit.

So thanks for reading this brief article review for Bestchange Affiliate program. Continue reading more ways to make money on my blog or lemme say checkout my other sources of income here on my blog.

See you on top!
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