Airtasker Review: is SCAM or LEGIT? Become an Airtasker and Earn Up to $500 Daily

Hello Guys, It's Sammy Here, How are you doing?
Fine? That's Great.

Recently I wrote about "8 Solid Income Streams To Utilize While Building A Business".
Well we got another inclusion making it 9 but this was too unique to leave on just a list so I decided to do a full review for it.

Today we'll be running a brief and well detailed review for Airtasker.
I will be breaking this review to just 4 phases

  1. Introduction (What is Airtasker About)
  2. Ideology (Understanding Airtasker, Who's Behind It)
  3. Earning Opportunity (Their tasks, Earning potential, Your security e.t.c.)
  4. Conclusion

Let me say this before we proceed;
This is not a sponsored article and Airtasker paid me nothing to do this review. The main aim of this community and myself and helping our members, You, Build more income Streams so life could get a lot more better.

Lets look at what Airtasker is all about, Shall we?


Airtasker (Online since 2012) is a trusted community that connects people who need to outsource tasks and find local services with people who are looking to earn money and are ready to work.

From simple to complicated tasks, Airtasker can help you complete your home cleaning, handyman jobs, admin work, writing, photography, graphic design or even build a website.
There’s always hundreds of tasks waiting to be completed by someone with the right skills.

See What Tasks on Airtasker Looks like;
You get paid to do anything, and this is far better than other freelancing platforms.

I visited the Airtasker platform and I was amazed at how many new offers and tasks are available every minute that passes by.
Watching our video review below will prove this.


Airtasker was simply created to connect clients who wants simple or complex jobs done for them with the professionals (known as Taskers or Airtaskers on the Airtasker platform) who can handle these jobs.

So Let's say I'm moving to the UK and I need my furnishings to be done.
I'd simply go to the Airtasker website ( and upload my task and price tag for it.
While Taskers looking to make extra bucks without going through the tussle of word of mouth or digital ads just submits an offer on my task and gets hired.

Some Important Details About Airtasker;

  1. Airtasker was founded in 2012 by Australian entrepreneurs Tim Fung and Jonathan Lui and are now over 7 years in the industry.
  2. Airtasker has been featured on different websites. 
  3. With over over 2 million people using Airtasker, You cannot run out of Tasks and professionals waiting to pick up the job.
  4. Over $215M worth of jobs created so far on Airtasker and currently Over $15.40M jobs available per month. 
  5. Airtasker is available in Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom and Airtasker is planning to expand in other countries soon.

Wait; Did you read that?
So The only downside of this great news is that this company is currently only available in the UK, Australia and Ireland so for my Audience from other parts of the world especially Nigeria, I'm Sorry 😔

But look on the bright side, Our brothers from the United Kingdom, Australia and Ireland gets to earn Huge income even if we're not eligible just yet.


Aside the fact that you as a client can get almost anything done for you through Airtasker.
The main reason for this review since our goal is building Income Streams, is about how anyone can build a bank out of

Is it really possible to earn $1000 Daily?
Answer Is 'Absolutely YES'

With Over 2 million Users, There's always a lot of offers.

The question now is what can you do? Airtasker is all about active income... You work, You Earn.

Services can range from photography, as simple as homeworks and as complex is programming, Plumbing, Graphic  design, Web Development and other professional Services.

Just do what you're good at and $1000 daily is inevitable as there's a lot of offers and a lot paying over $100 per task.
10 of such tasks would make you $1000 Daily.

How To Get Started

  1. Signup On The Website
  2. Submit your offers to clients requesting for such services.
  3. Get hired
  4. Deliver your Job
  5. Get Paid 

Now Let's Talk About Your Security As A Client and Not A Professional.

As a professional, you have no worries but as a client, I've seen several reviews of unprofessionals parading themselves and professionals and taking jobs they cannot do Leaving you with losses.

Reviews like these;
A Client complaining Of Losses due to unprofessional Services.

A professional feeling not heard because unprofessionals offers lower rates.

Like we established earlier. Airtasker is Legit so as you can see the only reviews online are about unprofessional services.

To Curb such situations Airtasker has put together some mechanisms which includes users completion rates, star ratings system, Airtasker  pay  and more to ensure you're picking the right persons with the right skills for the job.

See An Example;
A 350$ Job Submitted 5 Minutes ago already has an offer from a professional with 100% completion rate and 4.5 stars.

As seen in the above scenario, these systems where put in place to help you so as a client don't just hire anyone.
Check their history first 👍🏽

Also With Airtasker pay, Airtasker holds funds from Taskers until "YOU" the client confirms you've received services and is satisfied.

So Airtasker is 100% Safe For Intending Clients  ✅

Now as a Professional hoping to earn,  I must warn you as Airtasker will without questions ban any suspicious behaviours of  scam and impersonation.

You really want to make money? Offer just Services you can deliver and always try to deliver on time to get better reviews and even better and bigger jobs.


Airtasker is a great way to earn extra money doing practically anything.
Whether you're a programmer or just a novice, There are always enough services and simple tasks to go round.
Not all services are complicated, some are just "Pick up a chair for me" kind of services.
So anyone can earn with Airtasker, However making $1000 completely depends on your expertise and Hard work.

I'll like to wrap it up here, So we'll be looking forward to Testimonies from our  users based in the UK, Ireland and Australia.

To Your Success ✌🏽
Also feel free to ask anything and drop Comments.
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