Get A Blog Like Mine and start earning Online, Let Me Set Up your Own Blog or Website

Do you intend to own a blog or website that makes you money, just like or better than Mine? Then this is for you.
I'm giving my time to 10 persons this week, Once I get 10 Serious people i'll close this offer till whenever I feel like doing it again., If that day comes again.

Firstly this blog is hosted on blogger and so is most of my successful blogs but you wouldn't know.
This blog took me time to craft and design to this extent so don't go through the hassle of designing one yourself.

You may have a blog and keep wondering why adsense always rejects you,
Well quickly grab this opportunity to get a world class design for your blog.

Note that this isn't limited to MY TEMPLATE OR DESIGN ALONE  because I cannot give you the exact replica of my website, You have to be unique also, So I'm offering to get you a professional design and everything.

Note also that I run several blogs and this is my personal blog, Others have better designs anyway. All my designs are top notch.

Checkout some of my personal websites and blogs:,,,,, e.t.c.
My personal website also:

Features Of My Templates (DESIGNS)

  1. A home page with auto read more and post thumbnail features both mobile and pc view. 
  2. Numbered posts navigation on mobile and Pc view 
  3. The layout is a right sidebar with post area in the left/center (for pc view), This can change based on your request. 
  4. Custom CSS functionality 
  5. Custom mobile view looks awesome and neat 
  6. Can easily display ad banners, related posts with thumbnails etc on mobile view and pc view 
  7. Can display ads almost anywhere in the template; side bars for pc, above logo, below logo, inside posts, in the middle of posts, footer etc 
  8. Templates are mobile and pc responsive 
  9. Post Breadcrumb on Pc and mobile view 
  10. Can be easily navigated 
  11. My Templates are User friendly, SEO friendly, Loads fast both on Mobile and Pc. 
  12. Awesome Layout and Easy Adsense approval

I can just continue but we will be wasting much time or what do you think? I believe you're already seeing for yourself, get a BLOG today and enjoy lots of benefits like professionalism, global presence and so much more.

Wait, kindly note that we can build better blogger websites, WordPress blogs and even every kind of professional website, so after reading this you can contact us for any kind of website whether it's for a school, church, organisation, business purposes, eCommerce, forums, blogs e.t.c.

It will cost you just N20,000 ( $55)  To get a Blog setup for you... But for a limited time only, thanks to Christmas I'll be doing this for just N15,000 for just the first 10 persons.

I'll do all designs plus a you get a free .com domain all set up for you by me and my team. For your Blog, business websites e.t.c. kindly contact us below to get started.

To get started, You can pay for it online,
Using BITCOIN or By Direct  Bank Deposit.

I Earn Over N1,000,000 Monthly Online, Thanks to Blogging and All I Can do with my several blogs... This may sound like a Joke to you but I earn Over $1000 online weekly, In case you didn't notice, all my blogs are focused on finance and investing.

BitInvestors Club
HYIP Investors Club
And this blog you're reading now,

Thanks to these I'm a pro blogger and marketer that works with big investment companies where I easily earn over a million monthly.
If it Might not still make sense to you, you can ask me for proof is you wish.

Here's How To Order for this one time OFFER!

To get this offer, pay NGN15,000 into  any of the bank accounts below:
(NOTE - You can also do a transfer if that is okay with you... you won't need to send a teller number)

Diamond Bank (Access)
Account Name: Asingba Samuel
Account Number: 0043931814

First Bank
Account Name: Asingba Samuel
Account Number: 3106984777

Immediately after payment send the following details as a Whatsapp Msg to;
SMS And Whatsapp Only: 08103171693

The WhatsApp Message you are to send should be:

"PAID FOR: The Blog Design Package, Your Name, and Bank Paid to"

As soon as your payment is confirmed, I'll get the necessary details from you and your blog will be ready in 3days.


You can pay Using BITCOIN, send 45$ worth of Bitcoin to;

After sending BITCOIN quickly send me the hash ID as a WhatsApp message to 08103171693.

Kindly follow the above instructions to avoid delay in delivery of your order.


Once We set up on your website, and you notice there are some features you'd like to add, then just contact us and we'll fix that for you for FREE.

If you've got questions or want to make an order then kindly contact me below.

Contact Us
Phone Calls/SMS, WhatsApp: 08103171693

I'm Asingba Samuel, Have Fun!!
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