• Elirtex Review: How to earn 15% of your investment Weekly from Elirtex Investments Ltd

    How A Nigerian Student Earns Over $500 Weekly Without Work.
    Hello Investor, Today i will be doing a brief review of a great Short term Investment opportunity for everyone (Students, Working class, Graduates e.t.c.), although investments are done only with bitcoin so I'll teach you how to go about this.

    If you know how to use bitcoin then you can just go ahead and buy some coins and invest after reading this and my recommended investment tactics.

    Firstly lemme tell you a little about myself, I'm Asingba Samuel, CEO of Bitinvestors Club. I'm An Investor, Entrepreneur and A Pro Blogger Here In Nigeria.
    My story is remarkably amazing on how i went from broke to $500 weekly or more most times. I'm just a regular guy and nothing is basically so fascinating about me, I'm all over the social media and websites so a little search about me, probably just search "Asingba Samuel" and you'll get to know more about me.
    This is my personal  blog actually and On this blog I share with you my numerous income streams.

    So enough  about me already, I'm just a normal guy who knows what works, nothing spectacular.

    So today, I'm sharing with you one of my income sources known as ELIRTEX, without anymore stories let's run.

    Elirtex.com Review: is ELIRTEX scam or Legit? PAYING - Earn 15% Weekly.

    Today We'll be reviewing a revolutionary company known as LIRTEX Limited (Elirtex), A one in a few investment companies online that are legit.


    ELIRTEX is a legit company and Short term Investment opportunity.

    Status: PAYING
    ROI: 15% Weekly for 12 Weeks.

    Join ELIRTEX Here


    The ELIRTEX COMPANY is a duly registered company and regulated by both Hong Kong and The United kingdom.

    See Registration Documents for the both countries Below;

    ELIRTEX is into investing in the pharmaceutical industry and Start-ups, tech companies and SEVERAL OTHER ventures. The beauty is the diversity of this COMPANY.

    Well this company has PAID me times without numbers and is just a couple of months old.

    See this payment poof;

    Just a few screenshots and sorry i don't like editing images.
    So I've gotten SEVERAL daily withdrawals for a long time and it'll be wickedness if i don't share this.


    The Elirtex COMPANY offers JUST one plan, a 84days or 12 weeks plan that can turn things around quickly.

    ELIRTEX pays 15% weekly (2.6% daily for weekdays (monday to Fridays) and 1% on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays).
    That's because they don't trade on weekends.

    This 15% is paid weekly for a total of 12WEEKS.

    In 12WEEKS or 84days You've earned a total of 180% as your ROI (return on investment).

    WHERE; 100% is your deposit or capital  and 80% is pure profits in 12WEEKS or just 84 days.

    So lets say you got 1BTC in, YOU'RE getting 1.8BTC Returned in 84days. Isn't THIS awesome.

    Register Now

    Aside that; another thing i LOVE ABOUT the company is the fact that your deposits and returns are in BTC real time. So a soar in BTC ISN'T a loss but a plus to you, because you start earning more.


    So here's how to get started and Start Earning Passive Income from Elirtex limited. Register for free by clicking the register now link below.

    After Registration quickly click on Deposit from your dashboard to make your first investment.

    Minimum investment is Just 0.005BTC (which is around $35 or NGN12,500). So anyone can afford this.


    Wait; is that the limitation? Know this, In simple terms BITCOIN is exactly like your normal currency like the $ or Naira, Only Difference is than bitcoin is online so we could boldly say it's online money.

    So these companies accepting BITCOIN is just like accepting the $$$$ for investments.

    So click HERE to learn more about bitcoin or contact me to help you invest, you could transfer Naira or Dollar to me and I'll buy the bitcoin and help you invest.


    All investments are risky so After Registration here's what I'm recommending, A strategy that has always worked for me.
    Deposit upto $1000 worth of BTC If you can and circle out once, after this save your $1000 capital alongside 30% profit and reinvest using the 50% profit.

    Lemme explain better; $1000 will give you $1800 in ROI in 84days (Less than 3 months).
    After getting this out; you save the $1000 plus 300$ and profits and reinvest only $500.
    This is ensure zero losses on the long run.
    So it's advisable you enter with good funds at this early stage.

    So my Nigerian pals can apply this strategy with  NGN 100,000 to try this strategy.

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    Good News, I'm giving away $2 free to everyone who invests today, If you're investing upto 100K or $300, I'm giving out $10 free.

    This giveaway is only for my team members So REGISTER HERE

    Video Review and payment proof video:

    Full Review: https://www.bitinvestors.club/2018/10/elirtex.com-review.html

    Deposit insurance and Partnership Information: https://www.bitinvestors.club/2018/10/partnership-between-bitinvestors-club-and-elirtex.html

    Join Our investors club: https://www.bitinvestors.club/p/join-club.html

    Thanks for reading this, Get STARTED ASAP and Have a fantastic day.
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