Invest In Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining and Earn up to 25% Monthly With No Risk

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  • Review: is Scam or LEGIT? Earn Up to 25% Monthly Mining Bitcoins with Dual Mine

    Hello, Good day dear... Today I want to show you how to earn Passive income from $40 (NGN 15,000) investment, Earn up to 25% monthly for 2 whole years...  Cool right? Yeah, I know.

    Note: This is a promo. That's why you earn up to 25% monthly. Standard rates are around 15% - 20% monthly. And this investment opportunity will end in 24 hours time from now.

    It's a window of opportunity and every smart investor needs to grab this and you can start investing as little as $40 (NGN 15,000). If you don't have this then go and borrow it, no excuses. It's a once in a lifetime offer.

    So let's see what this company is offering.


    I'll be reviewing a revolutionary company Dualmine, Dual Mine is owned by Cryptonits LTD company which is a LEGIT cryptocurrency mining company. They provide cloud Mining contracts that lasts 2 years and returns from 15% to 25% monthly (Upto 240% annual returns).

    As a registration bonus, Immediately you make an investment the company will give you the offer that allows you earn up to 25% monthly. Also add 0.0021BTC ($20+) worth of investment to your account for free.

    Register a free account HERE

    So I'm making sure you're getting the most out of every naira here, Quickly contact me on +2347037138715 through calls or WhatsApp to get started.

    So let's do a short review with payment proofs e.t.c.


    DUALMINE is a legit company and long term Investment opportunity from Cryptonits LTD.

    Status: PAYING
    ROI: 15% Up to 25% Monthly  for 24 months (2 Years).

    Join DUALMINE Here


    DUALMINE is proudly powered by Cryptonits LTD company which is a LEGIT bitcoin and Ethereum mining company based in the U.K.

    See Registration Documents Below;

    CRYPTONITS LTD is the owner of and is the officially registered British company. All company activities comply with legal requirements of the Great Britain, where CRYPTONITS LTD. is registered. We have an office in London.

    Company Name: CRYPTONITS LTD.
    Location: London, United Kingdom
    Registered office address: 20-22 Wenlock Road, London N1 7GU England
    Company No.: 11227919

    So as you can see from the information I've gathered, It's a registered company.

    See some payment PROOFS below;

    So as you can see this is not one unserious business or scam company. So let's look at their investments and profitability.


    DUALMINE offers cloud Mining contracts that pays up to 0.7% and above daily for 2 full years returning over 200% in a year.

    So let's say you invest $1000, you'll earn up to $7 daily for 730days which is $5,000+ return on investment.

    In fact, that's if you invest during this offer.

    So $1000 will actually turn $5100+ in 2 years if you act smart and act fast.


    To register for your free account with bonuses and plenty other bonuses click the register Here link below.

    After Registration, You'll get 100GHS bitcoin mining power for free, quickly click on 'Buy more' from your dashboard to make your first investment.

    Minimum investment is Just 0.004BTC (which is around $40+ or NGN15,000). So anyone can afford this.

    Note: The offer is Only for investments and investors so make sure you look for a way to make a deposit no matter how small.


    Wait; is that the limitation? Don't bother about mining contract grammer, it means the investment or hash rate you have there in simple terms also, Know this,
    In simple terms BITCOIN is exactly like your normal currency like the $ or Naira, Only Difference is that bitcoin is online so we could boldly say it's virtual money.

    So these companies accepting BITCOIN is just like accepting the $$$$ or Naira for investments.
    So just contact me every step of the way to guide you on this bitcoin wahala you're having.

    Contact Me 

    Call/WhatsApp: +2347037138715

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    Good news is you'll earn a lot... it's a once in a lifetime offer and we need to make the most out of it.

    I'll be doing something special for investors who are on my team


    Video Review and payment proof video:

    Full Review

    Deposit insurance and Partnership Information:

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    Thanks for reading this, Get STARTED ASAP and Have a fantastic day.
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