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eCom Cracker: Import goods from China, Dubai, UK, USA with Little or No Capital
  • How To Start Your Own Online Importation Business In Nigeria With 5000 Naira or Less

    Hello, Good day My Nigerian importer and exporter, Lol... ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
    Welcome to this brief article on starting an importation business in Nigeria. And yes, after reading this and taking action you'll officially be an importer here in Nigeria.

    I'm sorry this article is currently only targeted to my Nigerian brothers. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ
    Don't despair, I drop contents regularly and it usually cuts across all Audience so stay tuned ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

    It doesn't matter what you exactly wanted by reading this, because I know this article will solve all your importation business questions.

    In this article we'll look at;
    • • An introduction to importation business
    • • How to start
    • • What to buy
    • • How to beat the high dollar rate
    • • How to buy from UK, US and China
    • • How to start with just NGN5,000
    • • How to sell your products
    • • Websites to import from.

    How to Start Importing Cheap Goods From USA, UK And China With Little Capital And Grow It To A Fortune By Asingba Samuel


    Thank you for reading this life changing online importation article. This tutorial will teach and guide you on how to start importing cheap goods from USA, UK and China at a cheaper price.

    I will advise you purchase The 5K Importation Package HERE For more understanding before taking an action.

    You can also print ebooks out after purchase for better access.


    Importation business requirements: To successfully start this importation business, you need to make these materials available first.

    A means of making payment on The USA, UK And China website 

    For you to successfully buy goods abroad, you need to have a valid debit card or credit card (your ATM) visa and MasterCard only. The one am using is the one issued by Diamond bank plc NG and it's a Visa card...

    A Laptop with internet connection, Your Phone or Cybercafรฉ

    If you have a laptop or phone, you can make use of it and it will make it easier for you. But if you don’t have a laptop or a good browsing phone, you can make use of cybercafรฉ pending the time you will get your own computer.

    A Valid Address

    For you to transact on this websites, you need to have a valid Nigeria address. If you don’t have a valid home address, you can make use your office address or a friends address which you know that is traceable and which will be easier for the courier to trace. (Couriers are shipping companies that brings goods to people)

    A Valid USA Address for shopping in USA Website 

    I will shed more light on this latter

    A valid email address and phone number

    Start-up capital 

    5,000 naira or more

    Things to Consider Before Venturing Into Importation Business

    There are certain things you have to consider Before going into importation business.

    The need in your locality

    You must know what the people in your environment want. It would not be nice if you start importation business without knowing what the people in your locality would like to buy.

    For instance, if you are a student and you stay in the campus, you should know that your fellow students will surely like things like new/used laptops, phones, memory cards and game consoles.

    If you go and import a car as a student, it would be difficult to see a fellow student that will be interested in that.

    I hope you understand what I mean? Be sure that whatever you want to import will be of interest to the people in your locality, especially when you are starting small.
    Before I starting importing from the US, I Discovered in my area that people where crazy about smart phones, especially Blackberry.

    What I did was to import a lot of used blackberry smart phones at a cheaper rate and sold it to them at an affordable price.
    Gradually I started getting referrals because I was Selling very high quality stuff from the US.

    The Dollar Rate

    Now this discourages a lot of investors but I'll be revealing how to beat the high dollar rate and buy at very very cheap rates without stress.

    Products that you can import From The US,UK And China To Nigeria:

    The following are products that you can start importing:
    1. Memory cards
    2. Laptops
    3. Smart phones
    4. Bags
    5. Suits
    6. Ladies Sandals
    7. Male Sandals
    8. Hair Clippers
    9. Shoes
    10. Belts
    11. Computer Accessories
    12. Flash Drives
    13. External DVD drive
    14. Ties
    15. Wrist watches
    16. Motor spare parts
    17. Apple products like iphone, ipad, ipod, Macbook, etc.
    18. Designer T-shirts
    19. External DVD drive
    20. Children clothes
    21. Digital Cameras
    22. phone Batteries
    23. Chargers
    24. Uk phones
    25. Tablet pCs
    26. Android phones
    27. Cars
    28. Phone screen guide
    29. Brazilian Hair
    30. Bluetooth
    31. Phone accessories
    32. Solar charger
    33. Phone screen protectors.
    34. Computer accessories
    35. Jewelries
    36. Wrist watch
    37. Blackberry
    38. Home Accessories: like washing machine.
    The list is endless.

    You can import virtually everything that is sold in the Nigerian Market from the US and China and UK at a cheap rate and sell them here at an affordable price.

    The Importation Website

    There are alot of website online which claims that they are selling cheap goods but you will find out that they are pure scam.

    I will be revealing the real one's that I have used for you here.

    • 1688 (China website)
    • Dealextreme (China website) 
    • aliexpress (china website)
    • dhgate (China website)
    • ebay (USA WEBSITE)
    • amazon (USA Website
    • mobilekarma (UK Website)

    The above websites are the ones am currently using to make purchases online and I will explain 3 out of them to you.

    Though the procedure for registering on the remaining website are almost the same.

    I will take you through the process on how to make use of this portal and the one that am going to use as an example are 1688, ALIEXPRESS, DHGATE, AMAZON and EBAY E.T.C.

    How To Get Started? Let’s Go, 

    The first thing you need to do is to open an account with the shopping sites,  After which  you to make a purchase.

    Now before doing that, CLICK on "continue reading" below to get the 5K importation manual which contains all the above tutorial.

    Discount Offer Ends in a short while (Ends September 2019) so click the Continue reading link above to get the 5K IMPORTERS blueprint.

    Hope this was helpful?
    Keep reading and sharing articles on this blog let's build income streams together.

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