Special Offer: Make money doing these simple business models as a Nigerian youth

TheSamasins Inc Presents  
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"An Open Letter and Limited Time offer To Anyone Who
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Here Is a One Time Chance to Lay Hands
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From: Asingba Samuel 
The CEO of TheSamasins Inc.

Dear Friend and Subscriber,

If you are interested in earning real, legitimate income from an online or offline business, and really want to make an extra income for yourself, then this will be most important letter you will ever read.

Here's why:
For the next 7 days, I want to give you access to some special reports that have helped me and other people who were once like you to earn income online.

The amazing thing is, not only will you get these special reports at an incredible discount price, but....

You see, I have personally used the information contained inside these Hot Reports to generate Emergency or Quick cash for myself when necessary... and I believe you can do the same too!

Listen closely.

You've probably tried different internet businesses that ended up making you lose money.

Perhaps, if you are like me, in the past, you've tried survey programs, referrals and hyips and they all turned out as scam.
Forget those rubbish. There are better, simpler ways to making money online.

That is why I've put up this offer, so that you have a chance to get access to top notch materials... that will help you make good income from at least 3 internet businesses.

Let me be a bit more specific… Here are some of what you stand to gain when you take advantage of this one time offer:

  •  These reports are some of the BEST materials that have helped me achieve success online.
  • These Reports will Help You Start Your own Highly Profitable Information Business Like this
  • Start a Small or Large Scale Online Importation Business Like I am doing
  • Earn Money from a website called Fiverr.com by offering your products, tasks or services
  • Help You Make Good Income/Profits from Football Betting Like I am doing everyday
  • Give you access to the Latest Almost free browsing methods so that you can easily access the internet
  • Finally, Help You Make an Extra Income from Facebook using simple and legitimate methods

Fact is, these methods I've listed above are the best and trusted internet businesses ever that almost any newbie can start... especially if you have access to the right materials.

What’s more...
With the help of the reports you are getting today...

You will easily be able to learn these strategies/internet businesses that I've listed above in double quick time, even if you have never been involved in an online business before in your life!

I’ve tried these internet businesses. I’ve used them myself to generate income almost every single day!

But before I even say anything further, let me show you the reports that you are about to lay your hands on so that you can have an idea of what you stand to gain when you get them.

Remember, this special bonus is ONLY for the first 20 people who are smart enough to get their's in the next 7days. So Hurry Up to order for this Special offer.

Here are the Special Hot Information Products That You Are Getting Below!

How to Turn Your Ideas into Your Personal Money Printing Machine, And Generate N150,000 Monthly From the Internet! 
Just like what we're doing now, we're selling our ideas and experiences in these eBooks and Tutorials to you

How to Start And Successfully Run An Online Importation Business With N8,500 Capital and Make Up to N150,000 Monthly.
You'll learn how to buy goods from US, UK, CHINA e.t.c. and get them delivered here in naija plus resell and make over 300% profit.
I personally Love this business model because I'm making crazy cash with it, Imagine buying something for N3000 and can easily resell for N7000 plus your buyers will thank you..   
Let me not go any futher, grab this offer now

How To Generate Quick Cash Using Just Your Lazy Email Address and GSM Phone...Guaranteed!
Build a mailing list and earn from it, just like we have business newsletter on this blog with over 10,000  subscribers, There we promote offers like this and make sales easily.

The Proven Formula To Cashing In From Fiverr

Apart from giving you the fiverr cash secrets report, I will also give you another bonus report titled "Gigsterrbux 3.12 -- $986 from fiverr using 3 simple gigs".

These reports will help any newbie make money from fiverr faster than you'd ever thought possible. These same guides helped me to start generating crazy cash from fiverr in very little time.

 ''A system I used to rake in N50,000 from fiverr.com In 1 month from just writing articles online...  If you have any skills like graphic design e.t.c. you can use it to earn crazy cash from fiverr.
I stopped working on fiverr due to my education but the system is still 101% effective''

The Amazing Social Marketing Kit
A Unique and Practical Method on How any Serious Person Can Make N6,000 Daily simply harnessing the social media for marketing products.

This is a wonderful marketting strategy using facebook's, whatsapp's, youtube's e.t.c. features to your advantage.. If you apply these marketing tip bet me YOU'LL see a tremendous change in sales e.t.c..

Football Profit System
How to Go From Being a Loser to
N150,000 Richer By Betting on
Football Matches!

Unique systems that guarantee you'll win 75% of all your bets.. No jokes

How To Design a Mini Website In Less Than 60 Minutes
You'll Build a site/blog/forum like this and better in less than 1hour guaranteed..

THE Emergency Cash System
How to Generate Emergency cash
of N75,000 within 10 days using
Amazing, Hot strategies
inside this report! 

I love this report, it contains over 5 solid ways any serious person(s) can generate cash in less than 10days

Bulk SMS GoldMine
The Secret To Making 150k Monthly
With Bulk SMS
Bulk SMS business is not failing any time soon.
It will continue to make money for anybody
who ventures into it.
Here is your chance to be among them.

But That Is Not All
See this bonuses you'll get for taking action below!

When you take advantage of this offer, I am also going to send you these 4 bonuses FREE:

Bonus 1

21 Multiple Income Streams
This ebook contains 21 solid ways by which any serious persons to earn a living online. Multiple Ways to Make Money Online 

Bonus 2 

Blogging For Cash 
How to make money blogging; copy strategies from bestdeals9ja.com and Other of my blogs.
Bonus 3 

The report that changed my life.
worth $500

Bonus 4

Recharge Card Business Kit

Special report written by me.

The truth is...

You probably already know that if you are getting these reports individually. Even though I price it at N1,000 for each one, you are going to pay more than N10,

But you are not paying that...

You are not even going to pay N8,000...

You are not also paying N6,500...

You won't be paying N4,500 which is the Original price I planned to give it away for...

Guess what..? You won't even be paying 3000NAIRA For This...

Your investment for the entire package and bonus reports listed above is only N2,500.
But wait...

I won't be able to put up this offer at this low price forever.

These reports I've listed above are so valuable, I was going to set the price at N7,500... but, I know that's a bit too high for most people who are just getting started and also some students who want to get started too.

But, I won't be able to continue offering the reports at this low price.

Order today before the price goes up dramatically!

Now I'm sure you'll agree that N2,500 is a drop in the ocean, compared to the value you're getting (the 9 reports and personal mentorship you will be getting from me).



It's only available for the
Next 7 days! 

After that offer goes back to it's original N7,500 price. 
Take advantage of this offer now

Here's How To Order!

To order for the package, pay NGN 2,500 into  the bank account below:

(NOTE - You can also do an online transfer if that is okay with you... you won't need to send a teller number)

Diamond Bank
Account Name - Asingba Samuel
Account Number - 004-393-1814

Immediately after payment send the following details as an SMS or Whatsapp to

The SMS/text message you are to send should be: 

PAID FOR: Special offer package,
Your Name, Email address, Teller number, Bank Paid to"

As soon as your payment is confirmed, the 9 reports and other resources will be sent into your email box or download links to your phone number within 1hour  or less so that you can download it and get started right away.

Kindly follow the above instructions to avoid delay in delivery of your order.

As soon as I receive your order, I will send the 9 reports to you immediately within 1hour or less.

But, I have to admit, the offer will only be available for the first 10 people that take advantage of it.

Seriously, after that the prices goes up to N7,500.

Make sure you take advantage of it right now because I can promise you that I will never repeat this type of offer at such a low price.

Take advantage of it right now.

If you desire to become wealthy, you must be in business for yourself. -- Gary C. Halbert

I wish you success,

Asingba Samuel

P.S. - Remember, I'll let you get these 9 reports for a discount price of only N2,500. I'll give you a Iron-Clad 60 Day Money Back Guarantee if in any case you do not like it. 

Go ahead and place your order right now.

P.P.S -Mind you, If you're seeing a N2,500 price tag, it's not going to last. This OFFER is going to expire 7 days from now or the first 10 people that take advantage of it.

After then, you will have to pay N7,500 to get the same materials. Ensure you don't miss out on this special offer.

P.P.P.S. - This is the best information package you will ever have a chance to buy. And you now have a chance to buy it at a price so low, it is probably the best value you could ever get for your money.

I hope you take advantage of it and I hope you do so immediately.
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